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Backyard Surprise.

This adorable couple invited all of their friends and family to join them at their backyard engagement party.  Surprise!  This little party was actually their wedding.  Looks like so much fun!  The bride wore her mother's vintage floral wedding dress.  We are swooning.  And can we please talk about those hanging florals?  We may have another DIY project to try out.

{Jonathan Ong}


Pretty Plants.

When we spotted this adorable engagement shoot on Forget.Me.Knot.Weddings, we were smiling from ear to ear.  We heart Flora Grubb.  We recently attended their "Vertical Garden Workshop: DIY Panels" and were completely blown away (thanks for the invite Abby).  If you live in the bay area, you must check this place out.  Literally every where you look, there is a ton of new floral inspiration.  The entire space is absolutely stunning.

We are busy at home trying our hand at a vertical garden and hope to use one in the near future at a client's wedding.  We will be sure to keep you posted.

{Jerry Yoon}




Walking with Style.

We are in love with ranunculus bouquets.  They've always been one of our all-time fave flowers.  Ask each of your bridesmaids to carry down a single colored flower bouquet.  You know we love mismatching bridesmaid dresses, and it's ok to mismatch their flowers too.  Pull the whole concept together, by having your bouquet made with a mixture of each of their colors.

mixed bouquet, orange bouquet, pink bouquet, white bouquet {Channing Johnson}, pink bouquet, yellow bouquet

Or why not nix the bridemaid bouquets all together?  Have your girls each carry balloons as they walk down the aisle.  A fun and inexpensive touch that creates a strong visual impact.   

red balloons {Jamie Hammond}, white/green/black balloons {Missy Cochran}

 Or have your bridesmaids carry purses.  Ummmmm, hello…for all of us who have been a bridesmaid before, you know that there is no place to stash your phone, lipstick, etc.  You always have to ask a friend to hold them during the ceremony.  Well, no longer is that the case and we couldn't be happier.


purses {Raya Carlisle}


Ribbons Everywhere.

We are loving the use of ribbons.  When used in abundance, they can really make a statement.  And making this kind of impact doesn't have to be super expensive.  You can search eBay, local craft stores, and even thrift stores, to find the best deals.

As you can see, a ribbon chandelier can just as easily work as decor at your next dinner party as it can at your child's birthday party.

yellow & white chandeliermulti-colored chandelier

We also love ribbons hanging from chairs.  When we saw this used at a wedding reception, it instantly caught our attention.  To us, it exudes a dramatic yet whimsical feeling.  

  ribbon on chairs {Jose Villa}

 We've also seen ribbon curtains used as a way to create a more intimate space.  You can start with a wide open venue, and give your guests the feeling of a small dinner party by drawing them in with strategically placed curtains.

ribbon curtains {Jose Villa}

And one of our all time favorite uses, is the Flower Tree.  We love the effect this creates, and it's so easy to achieve.  Simply string any flower of your choice onto a ribbon, hang from a tree....and a perfect bohemian wedding location is complete.

ribbon tree {One Love Photo}


DIY Upside Down Floral Arrangement.

The inspiration:

When we first spotted these amazing upside down floral arrangements on Style Me Pretty {Our Labor of Love}, we literally gasped.  So amazing, so different, beyond anything we’d ever seen.  We decided that we just had to try to recreate something similar on a smaller scale. 

 Our version:

We bought all the crafting materials from Michaels and the flowers from Trader Joe’s (yellow spider mums, ranunculus and tulips).  We used 3 of the 8” blocks of floral foam (we wanted one solid block, but unfortunately Michaels didn’t carry them).  We secured each block together using toothpicks.  Then added moss to the entire base, securing with an adhesive spray glue.  We pushed the flowers into the foam block (no adhesive was needed).  Then tied ribbon around to secure and hang from a doorway.  Love it!