Tea for Tori.

What to do when hosting a shower for a true girly girl?  Break out the tea cups and saucers, load up on moss and topiaries, and create lots of teeny sandwiches and sweet treats for the ultimate Alice in Wonderland treatment.  Yesterday we showed your our inspiration for this shower. Today we share how we recreated it in real life.  Enjoy!

Tea stained hang tags, personalized towels (also tea stained by the amazing Farra), baskets of tea sets and the glitziest of glasses create a vintage girly feel to a party.

 Farra and Myka created a personalized book with entries from friends about the guest of honor and her fiance, entitled "A Love Story".

 A tulle canopy with twinkle lights was hung over a round table to make the guests feel like they were dining outdoors.  White feathers were strung from the ceiling with fishing line, with a single pink feather marking Tori's spot.

A three tier wedding cake was placed in the center of the "tea party" and topped with a bride and groom.

*All photos by our friend, Suzanne Hansen (shot with Myka's tiny camera), and Tori's sister, Larissa Long. 

Check out a more personal approach to this party on our sister blog, Tulle and Feathers.



A Tea Party.

We joined forces with our dear friend Farra, to surprise our very own Tori with a little bridal shower.  Tori is the epitome of the girly girl, so an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party was what we had in mind.  Our heads were abuzzing with thoughts of mini sandwiches, topiaries, teacups and moss place settings.  

Check back tomorrow to see this inspiration turned to reality.

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We are so excited to be joining in the REVOweddings auction for Peggi Walker of Metro Floral.  Thanks Suzanne for thinking of us.  We can't wait to help out with this cause!  Details on the auction to follow...


Tori & Myka


San Francisco Honeymoon.

We heart San Francisco.  From the restaurants, the shops, the numerous little neighborhoods that make the city so unique...we love it all.  It's one of our all time favorite places to visit and in our opinion, a perfect little spot to honeymoon.  

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a stroll though Chinatown.  We suggest walking down the streets, trying some of the local fresh veggies, and ducking in to a few of the local shops.


Grab a cappuccino at Cafe Greco in North Beach.  The food and coffee drinks are great, but we love to go there to people watch out of the large windows.

Cafe Greco

Are you a foodie?  There are a million little restaurants always popping up in the city.  Check out yelp for the latest reviews.

gourmet food

And when you're finally ready to lay your head down at night, check out Hotel Vitale.  This hotel screams chic luxury.  The downstairs bar/restaurant, Americano, is a local friday night haunt for the financial district's after work crowd.


The next morning take a nice stroll to the Ferry Building to try out some local organic food and amazing wines.  And don’t forget to ride one of the cable cars the city is famous for.

all hotel photos via hotel vitale


Will you wear a flower in your hair?

Hair accessory & veil options are endless these days, with many brides forgoing something all together.  When planning our own weddings we could hardly come to a decision.  Birdcage or Mantilla? Garland of flowers or feathers?  

So, what kind of bride are you?


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Lo Boheme via Etsy.


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