Father's Day Just Days Away!

It's not invest in Google shares in New Zealand too late to mail out those Father's Day cards! If you're like me, you take a while and shop around for the perfect card. These days there are tons of letterpress and printing companies that make the most creative and fun cards that say exactly what you want to say with just an image or great typography. 

Some of my favorite letterpress cards come from Egg Press. Simple, funny, and leave enough space to write a long note inside (which is important to me since I always have a zillion things to say thanks to my dad for!)

 Etsy is always a great place to check out fun cards for Dad too. These cards from Steel Petal Press and Louella Press are too fun to pass up!

 Then there are the Listography books. Love them! There are a lot of hip dads Buy Google shares out there that are still deep into music, so this Music Listography book is a must! The drawings inside are so funny and the references they use to help guide your lists are undeniably perfect. The layout of the book is inviting to write in so even if your dad isn't much of a writer, it's still a great gift to sit down, ask him these questions and write it all out for him. 

So no need to break the bank. Sometimes a card and a little reminiscing can be enough! 

xo, Junia

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Vintage Vacation.

As we mentioned on Friday, we are heading to Palm Springs for a fabulous weekend in less then two weeks.  We are so excited that we've already started invest in Google shares to think about what to pack.  Since Palm Springs brings to mind modern design that gives a nod to the past, we are thinking that our outfits should reflect this vibe.  Modern silhouettes with vintage inspiration.  I'm (Myka) ready to pull out my amazing suit...Thanks to Tori for finding me the perfect one piece at American Rag.  Chica, you have some serious shopping skills.  

For those of you still on the hunt, check out these retro looking suits that are oh so pretty.

{black suit}, {purple}, {multi-color}


We also hope to score some new sunglasses before hitting the pool at the Ace.  
{round}, {cat eye}, {ray ban}


And don't forget, we need some amazing dancing shoes for Sunday night.   We are literally counting down the days.

{black glitter}, {patent pump}, {purple & gold}


Wedding Night Bliss.

Not all that long ago, Miss Myka tied the knot.  And while the barn was pretty dreamy, the local accommodations didn't really scream wedding night romance.  Or modern.  Or white.  We were in the middle of Carmel Valley with a handful of very country options.  

So my most creative friend and I dreamt up a little wedding night surprise.  We wanted Myka & G to feel like they were spending the night someplace special.  While I was setting up for the wedding and M & G were shooting their first look, Farra snuck into their room and created a wedding night suite.  She stripped the bed of it's country quilt and added plush white bedding that had traveled from San Diego.  The wreath above the bed was replaced with a Kelli Murray print.  She hung cans we had spray painted white and adorned with words about the couple above the bed.  We framed their initials and a small version of the painting Kelli Murray created for Myka and placed them on bedside tables.  Chardonnay and beer were put on ice, cookies placed in jars, her favorite candles and flowers set around the room.  When they left in the afternoon the room was a little bit grandma, with traces of hurried wedding prep scattered all over the room- makeup, empty glasses, extra clothes.  That night, after all the partying and celebrating with friends and family, M & G walked into a calm, cozy oasis filled with personal touches celebrating their union.  Thanks, Farra!  

Click here to see the before.


Hellooooo Palm Springs.

We love Palm Springs. And we love The Ace in Palm Springs.  Pools, sunshine, mid century style, loads of white (our favorite), an excuse to wear a vintage swimsuit, and you can bring your doggy sidekicks (anyplace that allows dogs gets 5 stars by me).  So when we heard that Michael Antonia, who rocked our wedding so notoriously (creating the term "Sayulita Style" amongst our family and friends) was going to be DJing a night out in the desert, we started packing our bags. What could be better?  No hesitations here! More sunshine than Sayulita and it's the perfect excuse to drag some friends out into the desert to try and recreate some of those tequila induced dance moves. And it also happens to be a monumental birthday for someone we know and a less monumental birthday for our husband.  Wowsa.  Monumental is right.  It might just top our wedding.

So now we are counting down the days until we are laying in the sunshine by day and dancing the night away, while Mr. Michael Antonia DJ's, by night.  But this isn't just some private party in the desert.  Everyone should experience the awesome-ness that is MA and the spasms his music produces.  And luckily, now you all can. This is a be there or be square night of Michael DJing at the Amigo Room.  And we just happen to be crashing. In our dancing shoes.  

Details here.  





We Heart San Francisco.

These dreamy engagement shots by Heidi of Our Labor of Love, are just another reason why we love our little city of San Francisco.  This city is magical.  Yes, our summers may require you to wear a parka, but at the end of the day this place is just so beautiful and we are happy to call it home.  Every day we discover new amazing restaurants, adorable little shops, and bump into the happiest of people.  Hmmmmm, I think it's about time some of our San Diego friends came up for another visit (you know who you are). xoxo.

{Heidi, Our Labor of Love}